Basque Diary

The Basque Country – Kutxa (Box) Day

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The following extract is from A Basque Diary – Living in Hondarribia, which is available, in print and as an ebook, from Amazon. 25th July: Kutxa (Box) Day Our friends in Amona Margarita tried to explain this festival to us the first year and, because our Spanish wasn’t very good, we thought we had mistranslated […]


An Inconvenient Truth – the Arctic is Melting

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Today begins a series of Arctic Circle cartoons about how climate change is threatening the Arctic. You can read more about this in the New York Times. The series was written because the movie, An Inconvenient Sequel opens at the weekend. It has been about a decade since An Inconvenient Truth came out and Arctic […]


Reasons to Move to New Zealand

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pots of parsley, aloe vera and mint. Plants that grow on my north-facing balcony

People will (usually) understand what I’m saying I can have a veggie garden and it is unlikely that someone will steal my rosemary There is a lot less bureaucracy and the tax system doesn’t scare the bejeesus out of me I don’t enjoy listening to my neighbours pee, tunelessly whistle, or play really bad Europop […]