ALLi’s Indie Author Fringe 2017 – How to Hire a Book Illustrator

wombat cartoons by alex hallatt

ALLi Alliance of INdependent Authors Indie Author Fringe at London Book FairI’m a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) and have found their website to be an incredible source of advice, tutorials and discounts for self-publishing my books.

ALLi is behind the Indie Author Fringe 2017. It’s an online author conference that updates self-publishers with the latest tips, trends and tools, with a great line-up of speakers. The “Fringe” relates to the book fairs it runs concurrently with. The first one runs from March 18th, at the same time as the London Book Fair. Unlike the LBF, you don’t have to pay to get in.  You also don’t have to be a member of ALLi to take part.

I’m working on a video presentation for the Fringe:

Alex Hallatt will present How to Hire an illustrator at ALLi Indie author fringe 2017


It’s going to cover the essentials of what an author needs to know when hiring an illustrator.

And it’s going to feature lots of wombats.

wombat cartoons by alex hallatt



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