I have read comics since I was given a Peanuts collection at the age of six and have been drawing them since Mosquito Man appeared in my university newspaper. My childhood dream was realised when I was syndicated by King Features in 2007.

Arctic Circle

My daily comic strip, Arctic Circle, is about three immigrant penguins having fun in a changing world. It has an underlying environmental theme.

Arctic Circle is distributed by King Features and appears in newspapers worldwide.

You can

Arctic Circle comic about usernames Arctic Circle comic about twitter Arctic Circle comic about retirement Arctic Circle comic about beach plastic trash rubbish

Arctic Circle comic about incense joss stick


Jack and Joni and the Time-Travelling Shed

Jack and Joni have inherited a space and time-travelling shed from their grandad. This full page, kids’ comic appears in CSIRO’s Double Helix magazine in Australia.

Jack and Joni and the Time Travelling Shed go to the 60s

Jack and Joni and the Time Travelling Shed go to past scientific events

Jack and Joni and the Time Travelling Shed go to 100,000 years in the future

Midge Bristol Investigates

Midge Bristol is a ten year old scientist, who looks into different scientificky things with her robot sidekick, Jo-E. This children’s cartoon strip appeared bi-monthly in CSIRO’s Scientriffic magazine in Australia.

Midge Bristol Investigates mummies

Midge Bristol Investigates taxidermy cartoon

Human Cull

Human Cull is a tongue-in-cheek single panel comic about making the world a better place by removing all the most annoying people. It is published on Some people take this very seriously and want to cull me. I’ve been culled by many of the suggestions made (for instance, I have a habit of leaving cupboard doors open) and I’m quite happy to appear on Alien Admin’s list.

Human Cull - give 110% Human Cull - bike lane hoggers Human Cull - people who leave cupboard doors open

Other Comics

My Personal Demons was about things that give me the heebie-jeebies. A Better World imagined just that. Behind the Lines was about teachers, Beanheads was about coffee and Smooth Operators was about life in a call centre.

My Personal Demons - creepy crawlies that might be running over my face at night.

My Personal Demons - running on gravel in flip-flops

My Personal Demons - spitters

My Personal Demons - losing my teeth

A Better World - we'd have a use for all the old tvs

A Better World - tranforming barbecues

A Better World - you would get stuff for bottle caps and corks

A Better World - public transport would be free

Behind the lines teacher comic homework

Behind the lines teacher comic kitchen garden

Behind the lines teacher comic

comic strip about baristas

beanheads coffee strip Fairtrade

Smooth Operators office strip customer feedback Smooth Operators office strip tech support