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Seven billion people on the planet is a lot. Too many, really.

What if there was a way to reduce the Earth's population, quickly and painlessly, for the good of the planet? Sounds ethically questionable and it is, but what if you could vaporise only the really annoying people and leave everyone else to live better and happier lives in a relieved ecosystem?

There is a way and it is the human cull. You decide who goes and alien admin will take care of the rest.

Human culls happen every Friday on

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Human cull, the book:

This little book shows people who were selected in the first batch of culls, to be removed from our workplaces, authority, the roads, relationships and our lives in general.

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Human Cull appeared online about the same time I was getting my comic started. It's great fun to see this new collection from Alex and catch up with that little green alien in the business suit! Alex's drawings are always funny and the situations she highlights are well known to all. A fun digital download!

- Jonathan Mahood, creator of Bleeker the Rechargeable Dog.

Me likey.

- Jonathan Lemon, creator of Rabbits Against Magic

This ebook is a hit with anyone called Jonathan and is available in the iTunes Bookstore, or the lulu store for the crazy low price of $1.99 .

NEW: Human cull is now available on the Kindle. Amazon's royalty structure means having to sell it at $2.99, but please consider the extra dollar a welcome contribution towards my torsade (or, as I call them, "chocolate/vanilla twisty pastries") fund.

Human Cull - Alex Hallatt Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu. buy human cull ebook for the kindle on amazon


Sample cartoon from human cull, the ebook:


Cull manufacturers who sell products so shoddy that when they break,


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