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who are we?

Human Cull is supported by The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Blue-Green Planets, Friends of the Milky Way and the Western Spiral Arm Regional Council. The operation has been contracted out to Little Green Men Disposal Services.

We are the administrators of the list, but have little say in the selection, unless we are having a bad day and want to let off steam by exercising absolute power by zapping someone who has it coming to them. NB: We would like to apologise for the traffic-jam one of our (usually cool-headed) team exacerbated on the Hanger Lane Gyratory.

Please do not send us junk mail: we have no penises, we do not want hair and so-called African princes who want to deposit non-existent sums of money into our bank accounts are being added to the list at a rate of knots.

We like your coconut macaroons, argyle socks & "spacedust" popping candyand will give special consideration of exemption to their donors.

Complaints about list composition will be ignored.

Contact us at:
PO Box 42, Alpha Centuri Mail Centre

terms and conditions for submitting culls to us