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People who call every night, just as you are putting dinner on the table, to:
A. offer a great, once in a lifetime opportunity;
B. ask to contribute to their very important marketing survey; or
C. say not to hang up because this isn't an annoying telemarketing call, but rather, a survey to seek opinions about telemarketing calls.

cull parents who bring their ill-behaved children to a movie made for adults cartoon

People who laugh in a really fake way to show just how happy and easy going they are - when they are not

cartoon: cull people who constantly sniff instead of blowing their nose

People who dress their toy dogs in scaled down human clothing.

cartoon: cull office workers who think everyone other than them is responsible for them doing a bad job

Vegetarians who define their preference by saying they don't eat anything with a face.

cartoon: cull so-called educated people who mispronounce the word "pronunciation"

People who sneeze on you on the bus without even trying to cover their nose.

cartoon: cull drivers who go under the speed limit, but stay in the passing lane

Shoppers who say that they were first in line, even though they know perfectly well that you were ahead of them.

The makers of shoes that are comfortable in the shop, but that gouge weals into your feet once you walk outside in them and can no longer return them.

Sour-faced people who sit in the window seats of nice restaurants.

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