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The Basque Country – Hondarribia’s Cider Day – Sagardo Eguna

It is our last weekend in Hondarribia and fitting that the Sagardo Eguna (Dia de la Sidra, or Cider Day) will be celebrated on Saturday in Plaza Gipuzkoa, which is the square below our flat. So, sort of our going away party and a good way to say goodbye to the locals.

Hondarribia Sagardo Eguna - Día de la Sidra 2016

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Around the middle of July, there is a cider festival in Gipúzkoa Square in Hondarribia. For 5 euros, you get a glass that you can fill up as often as you like (though it is bad form to actually fill it – you want to put in a couple of inches at most). The admission price also includes a pincho of either chistorra (like a mild, skinny chorizo), or tortilla (the potato and onion Spanish omelette), though given the amount of cider on offer, it is worth going back to buy more pinchos. The square is surrounded by big barrels of cider, manned by the producers who release streams of it to land in your glass. You need to catch it low, move the glass up and move away as the next person comes in behind you with their glass. Catching the cider low and having it spatter on the glass mixes in air, which improves the flavour. Needless to say, there is an art to the cider pour that we never mastered.

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