Isn’t it Great to Get Letters?

Hoover the hungry dog types on a laptop

I love getting letters. The real ones are best, but very rare. I have a friend who I have written to since we were in school. During the summer holidays we would often exchange 3 or 4 letters over the six weeks. Now we write once or twice a year, but I relish getting those pages of news, views and illustrations.

Arctic Circle cartoon about writing letters

Email letters aren’t quite the same, but when I see one from a friend I haven’t heard from in a while and open it up and find it is more than a couple of lines, I make a cup of tea, sit down and enjoy being transported into their world for a few minutes.

I subscribe to a few email newsletters. Some of them are good for getting information (Amy Lynn Andrews’s Useletter is full of technology tips for those who work from home) and some of them are fun and lovely to look at (the illustrator, Wendy MacNaughton’s is a personal favourite).

My Illustrated Epistle probably won’t have much useful information, but I hope you find it fun and worth making a cup of tea for.

You can sign up for it at the bottom of this page.



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