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The Basque Country – Kutxa (Box) Day

woman with a box on her head in Calle Mayor, Hondarribia, Spain

The following extract is from A Basque Diary – Living in Hondarribia, which is available, in print and as an ebook, from Amazon.

25th July: Kutxa (Box) Day

Our friends in Amona Margarita tried to explain this festival to us the first year and, because our Spanish wasn’t very good, we thought we had mistranslated it. They seemed to be telling us that a woman would parade with a box on her head, accompanied by fishermen, from the big church to the archway of the Brotherhood of the Fishermen. But this is exactly what happened. What we ended up calling “The Procession of the Woman With the Box on Her Head” is actually known as the “Kutxa Entrega (or Handing Over of the Box)”. We were close. The box contains fishermen’s papers and when the woman (a daughter of a fisherman) reaches the archway of the Cofradia, accompanied by the fishermen and a marching band, she spins around and around to bring prosperity to the fishermen. It was one of my favourite fiestas.

Where the woman with the box on her head turns around: the fishermen's restaurant arch in Hondarribia

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