On the Drawing Board: A Lot of Hamsters

Being a cartoonist is (mostly) fun. Yes, you have to deal with unrelenting deadlines, odious tax forms and computer meltdowns (the only things I miss about working in an office are tech support and the stationery cupboard), but mostly it is ace. This week, I got to draw a lot of hamsters.Hello hamster

Every two weeks, I try to come up with about 21 Arctic Circle ideas. Being a daily comic, this means I can build up a backlog for when I’m travelling, or deluged by other clients’ deadlines. To come up with ideas, I read a lot of news, blogs and other posts about the environment, science and technology. This week, I read that French hamsters are becoming cannibalistic because of eating too much corn. It’s lucky that doesn’t happen to humans, else some people would be in trouble, given the Western diet. So there will be a couple of AC comics about that for sure.

The other hamster I had to draw was for a lovely Australian client of mine, CSIRO. I illustrate their puzzles page and it happened to feature a hamster (not a cannibal in this case).
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