Sun, Sea and Solitude in Tenerife

boy being cyberbulliedThis month’s epistle came from Tenerife.

Most Brits come to Tenerife for the sun, sea and sex of the south of the island, but I’m in the north for the sun, sea and solitude. I’ve been writing the sequel to FAB Club and I’m excited because:
a) I finished the first draft, and
b) I like it even more than FAB Club.
As with Arctic Circle, the characters have developed and seem more real. This makes it easier to write, as I know how each character is going to react in a particular situation. The situation of FAB Club 2 (I’m working on the title and suggestions are welcome!) is cyberbullying. Something I’m very glad I didn’t have to deal with when I was a kid.
I’ve also had other work to do, including the print edition of The Book of Culls and a cover image for a book by a copy-editor. I didn’t bring my scanner with me and Bajamar seems devoid of wi-fi, so I had to use my camera to capture the ink work, tidy it up on my laptop and then send it via my phone’s 3G connection. I’m sure the editor won’t mind if I show you how it turned out.


a pig types on a laptop computer

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