Walking in the Basque Country – Pasajes to Donostia-San Sebastian

Having a dog in the Basque Country is easy and there are some great walks to take them on, especially around where we live in Hondarribia. If we want to go further afield, we can take our Jack Russell on most public transport in the region, but, since the boyf was taking his Land Rover for a service this morning, he gave us a lift to Pasajes San Juan (Pasai Donibane). The car park was full, so the boyf didn’t stay for a coffee, which was a shame, as the pastry was enormous.


We took the ferry across the harbour to Pasai San Pedro and ended up taking the Camino de Santiago start to the walk (The Camino is marked with yellow arrows. We were following the GR route with red and white stripes), which joined up with the GR route at the top. It is really easy to follow this route, as long as you look for the stripes at every junction.

Looking down at Pasai Donibane

The views on this coastal walk are spectacular and there were beautiful little flowers everywhere.


It wasn’t a very demanding walk, though this steep, old oxen track might be tricky in the wet.

It took about 2 hours of walking to get to Zurriola beach, where I had a swim and Billie chilled out in the shade (no dogs are allowed on any of San Sebastian’s beaches in the summer) before we took the bus back to Hondarribia.


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